Twitter Continues to Develop Tweet Awards as Another Creator Monetization Opportunity

Twitter Continues to Develop Tweet Awards as Another Creator Monetization Opportunity: Based on previous tests, it may be challenging to determine what is genuinely moving forward and what isn’t. Among the several ideas abandoned and presented as part of Elon Musk’s “Twitter 2.0” strategy.

But this one is moving; recent information from ace app researcher Jane Manchun Wong indicates that Twitter is still working on its virtual giving feature, which would let users purchase a variety of stickers to send to others in appreciation for their beautiful tweets subsequently.

Tweet Awards

As this graphic shows, Twitter is creating a variety of new emoji prizes that users can buy for different prices.

You may then give these rewards to other users, who could redeem them for cash.


Tweet Awards

The idea is identical to Facebook’s virtual presents, which can be purchased with ‘Stars,’ in-app money, to support your favorite producers. To help this, TikTok offers live gifts, while Reddit provides several similar sticker-giving services. YouTube also offers its “Super Stickers” option.



Does that function on Twitter?

Creators are equally inspired on both platforms; thus, if something succeeds on one, it should at least partially work on the other. At the same time, some may object to adding additional emoji-style characters to the Twitter stream (Elon is also looking at tweet responses). If some people use them, it’ll give Twitter another way to make extra money differently.

Don’t use them if you don’t like them.

Twitter’s emphasis on conciseness would likely provide fewer justifications for such contributions. Elon has identified lengthier video uploads and a more YouTube-like payment mechanism as ways to draw in more producers to the network, however.

Awards are thus justified in light of this reasoning once again.

Indeed, this is a natural match, given that Twitter 2.0 mainly consists of repeating and rehashing previous tweet experiments.

In other words, if Twitter is still employing its more constrained technical resources to continue development. I would anticipate that Twitter would attempt to deploy this at some point shortly. The leaks and experiments we uncover in the app are the most significant signs of how Twitter is progressing since there is no Twitter communications department.