Marketing Your Coffee Shop In London – Best Tips To Boost Your Coffee Business

Have trouble marketing your coffee shop in London? This is what your marketing strategy plan should look like. Here’s where you start.

Do you know this fantastic fact below?

Yes, we’re a nation obsessed with coffee; 81% of Brits visit a café regularly. 

However, just because you recently launched a vegan coffee shop doesn’t imply people will start trickling in. Although it won’t happen quickly, you’ll begin noticing progress with sufficient attention and work. And your cafe will undoubtedly remain open. However, you might ask yourself, “How can I promote my café business?” you’ll discover some helpful advice in this piece that you can practice immediately. To start, pour yourself a cup of your favorite coffee, and let’s get to it.

Have Fancy Coffee Cup Sleeves

But if we’re talking about the most straightforward and economical kind of advertising, this is it. And I’m not simply referring to the carton-made cup sleeves. Keep in mind that the ones made of cloth are prevalent. Your potential consumers will like these coffee cup sleeves when you give them out because of their cool or relevant designs. Something that lovely wouldn’t be something anybody would want to discard (I know I wouldn’t). They will thus save it and use it with their next cup of coffee, hot or cold. People appreciate having a choice, so you could even offer a variety of styles for your clients to select from. And you can start handing these at the entrance of local events, gyms or supermarkets.

Appealing Store Fronts

“You eat with your eyes first” also applies here.

It doesn’t matter if you have the best vegan coffee in town with the best beans quality. The plan for marketing your coffee shop will fail if it does not have an appealing front. Suppose your storefront appears run-down, depressing, and—worst of all—essential. You won’t get the type of people that wander into your business to see what you have to offer. You may decorate the storefront whatever you like, as long as it looks good and sticks out. You may also decorate your walls with artwork, flowers, or the traditional whiteboard that hangs outside and displays the daily offer along with a humorous statement to attract guests. Your store’s appearance is crucial to promoting your brand to locals and passersby. Be imaginative as a result. Make it distinctive. Additionally, consider your target audience.

Offer a Bottomless Mug

For fervent coffee enthusiasts, even those who don’t drink a lot of coffee find this method intriguing and would like to try it at least once. Customers who purchase the bottomless mug do so at a slight premium to what they typically pay for a cup of coffee. Nonetheless, they were given complimentary refills during their stay. Customers perceive an incredible bargain and the worth of their purchase when using this strategy. Additionally, it benefits those who frequently stay up late or need to focus.

Provide A Wonderful  FREE Wi-Fi

For a café company, Wi-Fi is essential. Without this one, no coffee shop is complete. Nobody wants to visit a coffee shop where the internet frequently goes down due to many customers using it. If people appreciate your coffee, they’re undoubtedly going for it, but once in a while, and not to remain. It’s not that horrible. At least my internet cost will be cheaper, and no one will come to take advantage of me. University students undoubtedly prefer to study while holding a cup of coffee since cafés have Wi-Fi access—employees who work from home like the environment adjustment. And when enjoying a cappuccino, businesspeople come up with their best ideas. Having said all that, marketing your coffee shop in London will get a significant boost.

They all desire a location other than home where they can work with a strong internet connection. Customers today might be picky and want to be connected at all times (always). They will seek another café where they can remain if they cannot stay here. The more coffee they order, the longer they remain.

Give Half Priced Refills

Here is the half-price refill from the makers of the bottomless smug.

As the name implies, you charge what you normally would for a cup of coffee. Additionally, consumers need to pay half the average amount for refills. For this strategy, you can pick a particular beverage, a day, an occasion, or a month. Whatever suits you? This strategy gives your clients the impression that they are saving money and receiving a benefit. This will encourage them to come back frequently. But you don’t have to pay attention to the half-off refills.

Like Sunrise coffee, broaden your reach by negotiating other deals: A small discount makes a difference in some of your customers’ wallets and hearts. In this scenario, reducing waste and protecting the environment may go a long way in building your brand and portraying you as an eco-friendly café.

Pay attention to loyalty cards

This café marketing concept heavily incorporates gasification. Because a client receives a card with a stamp for each transaction they make while using a loyalty program. Additionally, customers are eligible for a free cup of coffee after a specified amount of cups. It functions because, as you might have guessed, it’s similar to a game. Most customers won’t want to change their usual coffee shop because they want the stamps — boosting your customer loyalty if you consider opening another cafe and investing some money in the bank. You can offer your loyal customers an app to keep track of their points and drinks. An excellent strategy for a franchise or multi-location café. This works like a loyalty card but with facts and QR codes on your cellphone. We’re in a digital era; with this, you can make your coffee lover’s life easier—no more lost loyalty cards.

Create Seasonal Drink Specials

Be honest for a moment. Even the ones who claim “Christmas is simply another day” or “Valentine’s is everyone enjoys just a business ploy.” We all like the variety that seasonal beverages or discounts provide to our lives. Seasonal drinks break up your morning coffee routine. As a result, many people will want to sample it for as long as they can during that one month and until they are rereleased the following year. Using this marketing strategy, you may make your consumers’ coffee the day’s highlight. Additionally, it sets you apart from your rivals. Consider this. There are a lot of coffee shops out there that offer the same thing every day, all year long. These Christmas coffee deals make your consumers feel good about your company. For each season’s holiday, make a fresh beverage. To encourage your clients to sample these cocktails, you may consider sharing the history of each one. Alternately, have a staff contest to create new beverage promotions. Your workforce is the best person to know your consumers.

Cover the Space with Art

A fantastic place to start is the walls outside your store. You may paint using objects like coffee beans, people, or your coffee company’s logo.

Create a space that your customers will like. There are many cafés; for example, the number has increased by 700% in London alone. Thus, from 50 cafés in 2010 to nearly 400 (2021).

Competence is fierce, so attract the ideal crowd to your location. Verve Coffee, for instance, aims to provide a casual yet stylish appearance. They also succeed by using signage with their logo to direct customers to their locations. You don’t frequently see stuff like that.

Keep Going – Marketing Your Coffee Shop

A café requires a lot of labor to open, and even after it is operating, you cannot let your guard down. Because of the intense competition, marketing your café effectively is crucial. You’ve discovered several marketing strategies in this article that can hasten the expansion of your café.

However, don’t apply them all at once. From the ones that require little to no investment, work your way up to the ones where you genuinely need to have some extra cash. Keep going; perseverance and dedication are necessary for success.

What marketing techniques do you employ to advertise your café? How do your market your coffee shop in London? Comment below and let us know.

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