Local SEO Tips for Small Businesses

Local SEO Tips – Local SEO is a crucial aspect of any business’s online presence. Learn how to optimize your local listings to appear on Google Maps and other search engines. Local SEO is an integral part of any business’s online marketing strategy. This guide will teach you how to optimize your local listing for maximum visibility in local searches.

Follow the steps below to complete your local listing. Every point mentioned below holds its importance.

Create a Google My Business Account.

Start with creating a GMB account. If you own a small business, you’ve heard of Google My Business (GMB). GMB is a free service that allows businesses to manage their online presence across Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+ Pages. It’s also one of the easiest ways to ensure your business shows up when people search for local companies. GMB accounts are significant for businesses who want to earn local customers in the city or town they operate in. The best companies for such needs are dentists, plumbers, restaurants, cafes, etc.

Add Photos & Videos.

You should add photos and videos to your listing as soon as possible. This will help improve your ranking in local searches. Adding images and videos to your listing is easy. Just upload them to Google Drive and share the link with your listing manager. Videos and pictures of your business give your potential customers a realistic approach to your business.

For example, a restaurant can also upload images of its menu card to tell customers what it offers.

Update Listings.

Editing your listing means informing customers about any significant days you are off or if there is a discount offer. Make sure you update your listing at least once every month. If you’re not updating your listing, you’ll lose out on potential customers who might see outdated information.

Promote Your Business.

Google local listings can be a great advertising tool for the local audience. You should also ensure your website has a strong call-to-action (CTA) button that encourages people to visit your store. This will help you generate more leads and sales.

Monitor Reviews.

First, you must earn reviews by encouraging your customers to write reviews. Secondly, you’re leaving money on the table if you’re not monitoring reviews. It’s easy to see when something goes wrong with your product or service, but it’s much harder to identify what went right. Once you receive a Google review, you will receive an email on your Gmail. Keep an eye open for these emails.

If finding trouble managing your local Google listing, now worry; we’re here to help. Just email us at info@inboundmediamarketing.com for free advice on local SEO tips.

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