How to do better Keywords Research?

How to do better keywords research: Keywords are the heart and soul of an article, product, or any other service. It helps you hit your target audience at a significant level despite high competition. They are also effective for long-term business planning and strategies.

Relevant keywords increase your visibility to the consumer, making your product popular among people, and you can generate profits from it. Keywords are not merely phrases, and they are like a key to a golden treasure. Mention proper keywords, and the prize is all yours. Because of the right keywords, you will hit the right audience quickly. Here I have for you a complete guide to do better keyword research and rank your product on search engine optimization in easy steps and no time.


92.42% of keywords get ten monthly searches or fewer. (Ahrefs)

Steps to do better Keywords Research:


1. Know your brand The foremost step to finding out strong keywords is knowing your product. The more connected you are to your brand, the higher is your probability of a successful outcome. Awareness of your brand lets you come up with classy ideas to search for the keyword.

2. Specify your targets Analyzing your short-term and long-term targets is a crucial step. Ask yourself: What kind of audience do you want? What makes you stand out from the rest? What convenience can you provide to your people? This would help keep you on track while looking for the keyword and coming up with specific keywords.

3. Make a list. Now, it’s time to get onto the work. Bring out your pen and note down the relevant keywords. Think about your product, and consider what benefits it can provide to your target audience. For instance, if your product is a face moisturizer, your keywords can be a Best moisturizer, Good for dry skin, Natural beauty, Acne moisturizer, or Glowing face.

 “Focusing on quality over quantity is what can help to protect your site as Google updates.”


4. Use keyword research tools. Because keyword research tools are like food to a hungry man, they provide you with all the information about what keywords people use when they search for your desired product. Some critical free keyword research tools are Google keyword planner, Google ads display planner, WorldStream’s keyword tool, and Soovle.

5. Use Longtail keywords. Because Longtail keywords are phrases with multiple words, they increase the possibility of ranking and bring high traffic. Let me demonstrate to you the usage of these Longtail keywords. If your product is a face mask, in place of “buy a face mask,” you can say, “buy a breathable, tightly woven face mask at an affordable price.” Breathable, tightly woven, and affordable are the keywords here.

6. Think like your audience because thinking like your audience would help you search for appropriate keywords. Google can be a good help in this regard. You can get to know about what keywords people have used to search for your desired product. Utilize this knowledge and enjoy!