7 Tips To Ensure A Safe Website Revamp

When do you need to redesign the website? Website redesign becomes imminent if the traffic is landing on your website, but conversions are not taking place. It implies that something is wrong with the design of your website. You need to identify the weak link in your website that is proving a hurdle to achieving your goals.

It becomes necessary to revamp the website if the number of conversions decreases with each passing day or users reports a poor experience after landing on your website.

What are the risks associated with a website redesign?

It is a complicated process to revamp a website that needs numerous changes. If not done with proper strategy, there is a risk that the website revamp may bring more bad than good. The number of changes and the impact of these changes on the various elements of your website will have massive consequences for your website and business.

The marketers responsible for revamping a website should understand the scope of changes they will make and adopt a process to test these changes against crucial metrics. 

To successfully carry it out, they need to understand the target audience and the reasons behind the lesser number of conversions or poor user experience. Then use A/B split testing for the changes introduced and analyze the results. Their decisions based on these results will lead them to adopt the vibrant conversion optimization strategy. 

How do redesign the website for a good user experience?

After identifying the problem in your website design that is causing poor user experience and obstructing your leads, you need to map out a plan of action. An effective website revamp plan will ensure that you get rid of distractions on your website, make the user journey easy, and get more business through it.


Below are the tips to ensure a safe website revamp:


Understand your target audience

Understanding the audience, you target through your website is the first step to revamping your website successfully. If you don’t understand the feelings and emotions of your audience and your website design does not resonate with the persona of your target audience, it will do you no good.

The content on your website and its design should appeal to the people landing there and not make them bounce off immediately.

Target a more specific goal

For better conversions and optimal user experience, you need to dedicate your website to a specific purpose. It will help you build a loyal audience. Don’t try to target a border audience as it will result in lesser conversions and an increased bounce rate. But if you will target a narrow audience and create a design tailored-made for their needs, you will see much better results.

Homepage is consequential

Optimize your homepage for your target audience because it is the first step in your website’s user journey. If it has a bad experience at this point, it will likely not continue. Keep the homepage simple and easy to navigate. Add only relevant and precise content that will assist your audience in moving forward on your sales funnel.

Place the call to action button and other important information at the top of your home page.

Mobile Optimization

The response rate of your website needs to be super good. You need to optimize your website, especially for mobile users. Otherwise, you will lag behind your competition. You know that most internet users have mobile phones, and it is highly likely that your audience will access your website through their mobile phones.

Don’t just analyze the response rate of your website from the perspective of desktop users; also ensure that users that access your site through cell phones enjoy an optimal experience.

They should have the same level of experience on the cell phone as they enjoy on the desktop. Ensure that you prominently display your call to action button to users accessing your website through mobile phones.

Create New Content

If you are revamping your website, you need to have new content in hand for the optimized design. You cannot copy/paste the content from the old design. Invest time and budget in creating new written and visual content. You need to give more value to your audience through this content. Rephrase your message and deliver it more persuasively to generate a better response from your audience. 

Add white spaces

You need to add white spaces in the content on your web pages. Because if your web pages are too crowded, it will decrease the page’s readability, put off the user, and not push it to click on the call to action button.

So, make use of white spaces with generosity and only add the content necessary for users’ needs.

Testing and Optimization

Optimizing your website for your audience is not just a one-off process. You need to consistently improve the design and content of your website to beat your competition and rank at the top.

You need to redesign your website according to evolving needs of your audience and changing trends in your competition for maximum growth and excellent results.